Stretching & Flexibility

One of the greatest assets that Life Changing Fitness offers deals with stretching and flexibility. Many run through numerous drills routinely, but oftentimes negate the importance of stretching and flexibility. LCF understands the importance and takes the time to teach and demonstrate stretching techniques. Proper stretching allows for better blood flow, reduction of injury, and preparation of the muscles for vigorous activities.

Strength & Core

Strength and core training utilizes the bodies' muscles to aid in balance and equilibrium. One of the trainers for LCF closely monitors proper technique, fundamentals, and safety in order to accelerate benefits like weight lost, strength, balance, agility, speed, and explosiveness. Strength and core, though different in essence, go hand and hand in improving balance and overall strength and endurance. So whether you are an adult looking for healthy benefits, a youth looking to improve athletic performance, or needing to fit into that wedding dress, strength and core training would be greatly beneficial to you.

Sports Specific Training

Sports Specific Training, or SST,  is becoming increasingly popular throughout the nation as youth sports, travel teams, recreational facilities, etc. continue to be added. The trainers at Life Changing Fitness have both coaching and playing experience and multiple levels and in a multitude of sports. LCF bodes the credentials of a former Major League baseball player, college and professional arena football players, and years of coaching experience at middle and high school, and post graduate college prepatory programs. SST simulates movements and exercises adding weights, boxes, resistance bands, and other stimuli to help athletes perform to greater extents as those exercises and movements help to translate to on the field/court production. LCF trainers, again will very closely monitor the exercises being performed to ensure that the SST is being performed correctly so that the athlete can perform to optimal levels.

1 on 1 Training Session

During a 1 on 1 session, a client will be able to have a Life Changing Fitness trainer watching over them. This will ensure proper technique and form. 1 on 1 sessions are ideal for young beginners to the fitness world and those who are transitioning to higher level training.

Small Group Sessions

Small Group Sessions are private sessions for sporting teams, friends and/or family members, etc. to join and have a good time while receiving great benefits. Schedule your group session today. Group rates apply and discounts for 10+ participants.

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