Welcome Message

Life Changing Fitness is basically.... well life changing fitness. In its very essence we are here to meet whatever your fitness needs, desires, and goals. Understanding that many fitness goals are life changing ones. Whether it is for health reasons, achieving athletic goals, balance and coordination, or just maintaining a healthy lifestyle, these are all reasons to reach out to LCF and see how we can personalize your fitness experience and make fitness fun.


Life Changing Fitness understands flexibility and versatility are both major desires for the persons who has life going on. We do not believe in telling you what we do and asking you to come and fit in what we do and how we do it. Instead, we value the ability to give you options. LCF enjoys the opportunity to come to your area and train your small group and also utilizes an indoor turfed facility for comfort. 1 on 1 sessions allow for a very specific and personalized experience. During a 1 on 1 session, an individual gets the opportunity to learn the basics to stretching, have a keen eye on them as they proceed through drills.


Life Time Fitness helps.......

Life Changing Fitness allows something for everyone of all shapes and sizes. LCF helps introduce school aged children to sports and fitness, youth athletes seeking athletic scholarships, and adults with their health and fitness needs. There is no concern of if your child is not talented enough, or if an adult has waited too long to attempt to get in shape. We are here for you!